The picture of injustice

 Tribune Editorial

The picture of injustice

Published at 05:38 pm September 19th, 2018


The UN has identified Myanmar’s army chief and five other key personnel as being responsible for the Rohingya genocide

Investigation conducted by the UN has found that the violence carried out by the Myanmar army against the Rohingya was difficult to fathom. While it has been more than a year since the beginning of the Myanmar army’s latest wave of systematic and brutal murdering, raping, and pillaging of the Rohingya people and their homes, it is heartening to see that the UN has finally recognized the atrocities that took place in Rakhine.

According to the report, at least 10,000 Rohingya were killed, with “men systematically killed” and children “shot, thrown into the river or onto a fire.” Such treatment of an entire people, which the UN itself has claimed to warrant the label of genocide, has gone without the world’s intervention, with the Myanmar government adding insult to injury by denying the truth.

How many more Rohingya men, women, and children must perish in the fire of injustice before the international community stands up, and justice is served?  The UN has identified Myanmar’s army chief and five other key personnel as being responsible for the Rohingya genocide, and has called for them to prosecuted.

Unless and until Myanmar recognizes the wrongdoings of its own army, owns up to the violence which sought to eliminate an entire race of people, and those responsible for the atrocities are punished for their actions, there can be no justice for the Rohingya people.

If there can be any talk of repatriation, whereby the Rohingya can rightfully return to their homeland, the army personnel instrumental in the Rohingya persecution must be tried and brought to justice.  The onus is now on Myanmar to act, and for the international community to put pressure on Myanmar to take the necessary steps. The continued existence of the Rohingya depends on it.

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