Dr. Anita Schug (ERC) Speak on Rohingya Genocide

Dr. Anita Schug  (ERC) Speak on Rohingya Genocide

September 10, 2018  at 10:41 PM
ERC Representative Dr. Anita Schug  Speak on Rohingya Genocidebefore attending 39th UN Section Meeting.


The Rohingya are a people who pride their existence for centuries in Myanmar and achievements amidst the nations of the world.


To revive the culture and spirit of the Rohingyas throughout the world via the new media channels and social networking


  • To create a vivid Rohingya media through developing various media programs to focus the news throughout the world
  • To bring awareness of the Rohingya crisis to the world through the media networking programs
  • To promote the spirit of cooperation and coordination with the people around the world
  • To stop Rohingya from deviating to extremism
  • To promote peace and to pride on Rohingya’s Islamic identity
  • To promote Rohingya genius and outstanding people as one of the ethnic minority group of Myanmar which has been denied by Myanmar government despite its existence in Myanmar for centuries
  • To promote Rohingya culture, history and civilization among the Rohingya youths to prove the world as one of the civilized minority group of Myanmar
  • To document Rohingya history and events to the people across the world .

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