Taung Bazaar Rohingyas ordered to leave their homes

Taung Bazaar Rohingyas ordered to leave their homes


The BGP has ordered all the Rohingya Muslim residents in five hamlets of Taung Bazaar to leave their homes and relocate in a single zone. The order was given to village administrators of Mee Chaung Swe, Nan Yah Gone, Khin Tha Mar, Mee Chaung Zay and Dar Bine Sara Bhongbazar in separate meetings last Sunday.

The directive basically means that the Rohingyas will have to reside in a cramped IDP camp surrounded by hostile state forces. Reports indicate that the security forces are taking steps to reside all the Rohingyas of Buthiduang in a few camps, shutting them off from the outside world.

Incidentally Taung Bazaar was one of the areas which bore the brunt of the 2017 Tatmadaw led operations. The security forces fired rocket launchers indiscriminately into Rohingya habitats killing hundreds including women and children. Many of those captured were locked into houses which were then set on fire by security forces and their Rakhine cohorts, according to eyewitnesses who fled to Bangladesh.

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