Safe Havens for Rohingya Children

Safe Havens for Rohingya Children

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In the past month we’ve witnessed the harrowing scenes over 500,000 Rohingya refugees traversing the monsoon rains and bloodied fields of Myanmar into Bangladesh’s make-shift and overcrowded refugee camps.

60%  of them are children, many of whom have been orphaned and have made the long trek alone.  Their malnourished and disfigured bodies tell stories of starvation, torture, and rape at the hands of Myanmar’s security forces since the latest round of violence broke out three weeks ago.Given the scale of death and devastation, the UN, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch have all called the violence nothing short of “ethnic cleansing.”

Hunger and the trauma

Impact on Children:
The UN’s children’s agency (UNICEF) estimates that  60% — over 270,000 — of those who have fled the violence are children.

They have witnessed their homes go up in flames, and their families and friends brutalized and murdered with guns and machetes. In their trauma they have traversed for days over the minefields of Myanmar to reach Bangladesh, which has opened its borders to provide shelter to them.

The ordeal of Rohingya children does not end here. They remain vulnerable to kidnapping, sex trafficking, exploitation, and the psychological impacts of having had their lives uprooted in the most violent ways.

Many of whom are orphaned

How we can help:
We can help make the lives a of these children a little better. The refugee camps in Bangladesh’s border region are in dire conditions, and this initiative aims to help as many children remain safe, fed, and cared for through the ongoing crisis.

The Rohingya Children’s Safe Haven Project is partnering with JAAGO, a trusted, award-winning, and internationally recognized organization to create safe-zones in / around Rohingya refugee camps where children will be provided the following:

1. Safe shelter: An administered area which will be staffed by trained, local professionals to care for children during the day.

2. Meals: Children will be provided nutritious, hot meals and snacks

3. A sense of normalcy: Life will never be the same, but the goal is to help keep the children’s spirits strong by giving them a safe space to go every day, to eat, and keep them engaged in play.

This is just a start. We aim to carve out safe havens in the midst of the chaos where basic needs of safety, nourishment, and care are met for the children. The initiative will stay responsive as the situation unfolds and adapt to their needs accordingly.

These children are vulnerable to kidnapping, sex trafficking, and exploitation

About the Organizers:
The organizers of this campaign have extensive experience in government consulting, international development, social good causes, security, and media. We are fully transparent with allocation and use of funds, and will produce updates on their impact along the way. At any time you may feel free to request an update by emailing us directly.

-Kalsoom Lakhani: CEO, Founder, Invest-2-Innovate
-Zubair Masood: Consultant, International Finance Corporation, (IFC)
-Jessica Carson: Associate Director at the American Psychological Association (APA)
-Cecilia Kern: Consultant, World Bank
-Korvi Rakshand: Social Entrepreneur and Founder of JAAGO Foundation
Shihan Gene Dunn: Humanitarian and Martial Arist
– Kawsar Jamal: Public Safety, Security, and technology expert
-Samier Mansur: Contributor to Huffington Post , and Co-Founder, LiveSafe
About JAAGO:

JAAGO is an internationally recognized, award winning Bangladeshi NGO that focuses on the education and well being of impoverished children. They have ten years of experience in Bangladesh providing education, food, and shelter for thousands of students. They have the logistical capability, staff, and training to undertake this initiative; and only 15% of the funds raised go to support administrative mobilization (which is an average that is far more efficient than the average NGO admin cost).

We are in close personal contact with the founder of JAAGO, Korvi Rakshand, who is personally involved to ensure project success. You may read up on JAAGO’s impact performances over the years on their Global Giving page, here .

Your contribution will help create safe zones for them in the Refugee camps

We know the work of JAAGO well, and have — alongside many reputable donors and international agencies and governments (including the US embassy in Bangladesh) — supported their organization and mission for 10 years.

How the funds will be delivered:
The proceeds raised will be delivered via Global Giving for a safe and secure international transmission of funds. They have a partnership with JAAGO, and you may view their previous project result reports here. We will provide updates to all supporters on use of funds.


Thank you.
There is great urgency in the unfolding situation. It’s time to show that the world stands by the Rohingya children in their time of need.
Thank you in advance for your generous support that will go a long way in bringing light and love to a part of the world that could benefit from it.

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